Company Outline

AKS Precision Ball Polska Sp. z o.o. in Żarów was established in May 2002 as the first production plant in the Żarów subzone of the Wałbrzych Special Economic Zone. The headquarters of AKS is Amatsuji Steel Ball Manufacturing Co. Ltd. (Osaka, Japan) which was established in 1920.

The current product range includes metal balls for bearings, stainless steel bearing balls, hardened and non-hardened stainless balls, heat-resistant balls, carbon steel balls, ceramic balls, polyamide resin balls, brass balls, glass balls. Each type is adapted to the clients’ request and developed individually.

Products manufactured by AKS are used all over the world: they are used in the production of pumps, valves, hubs, bearings and pens. They can also be found in numerically controlled machines, CD players, household appliances and many other articles.


The entrepreneur obtained aid under the government program called: "Assistance for the energy-intensive industry related to the prices of natural gas and electricity in 2023." for the first and second requested period.